December 16, 2015

Health and Social Development Program


healthMailing Address:
Suite 102 – 506 Broadway St. W.
Yorkton, SK S3N 0P3
345 Broadway St. W.
Second Floor
Phone: (306) 782-8130
Toll Free: 1-855-999-8130
Fax: 306-783-7679

Mission Statement:

Yorkton Tribal Council Health and Social Development mandate is to secure and develop programs and initiatives for its’ membership based on identified needs. Health initiatives and services that are holistic and consider the mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and cultural aspects of the individual. We believe in empowering our membership to take the responsibility for their wellness.

The Mental Health Program provides services consistent with MSB (FNIHB) guidelines to the Treaty First Nations people residing with the six First Nations. Delivering short term intervention services, crisis response following a traumatic event, debriefing circles and personal counselling.

The Resolution Health Support Program which deals with deals with issues revolving around residential schools as well as the effects of them.

The Addictions Program assists each community in becoming self sufficient by providing information on addictions. By doing educational workshops, connecting with resources and treatment options.

The Youth Outreach Program provides support for the youth in the communities. The aim is to raise awareness about suicide and self harm. Also provide informational workshops on any pressing concerns affecting youth.

The Water Quality Program ensures work to ensure clean and safe drinking water are maintained throughout the YTC First Nations.

The Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program and Brighter Future program work in collaboration with the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative.  These programs promote and support the health of moms, babies and families through prenatal and postnatal classes, cooking groups, activities and individual nutrition counselling.

The Diabetes Education Program aims to increase awareness of diabetes, its risk factors and strategies to stay well despite diabetes. Health promotion workshops and cooking classes are offered as required.

“We believe the children are our future, we need to teach them well and let them lead the way.”

The Early Childhood Programs strive to instill in our First Nations children a sense of pride in their cultural and traditional beliefs, through education and interaction. In order to promote the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, language and cultural aspect of the child’s self-esteem and sense of self.

The Maternal Child Health/Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Program seeks to raise awareness and educate the six communities on FASD. Also to promote a healthy lifestyle for expected mothers and their families.

First Nations Health Centre

Cote Centre:

Ph:  306-542-4074

Fax:  306-543-3532

Ocean Man Centre:

Ph:  306-457-4160

Fax:  306-457-4163

Kahkewistahaw Centre

Ph:  306-696-2660

Fax:  306-696-3154

Sakimay Centre:

Ph:  306-697-2970

Fax:  306-697-3461

Keeseekoose  Centre:

Ph:  306-542-2012

Fax:  306-542-2586

Key Centre:

Ph:  306-594-2315

Fax:  306-594-2168

Health Staff

Director of Health and Social Development:

Angie Tanner

Mental Health Coordinator/Crisis Response Team Leader:

Brenda Kakakaway

Mental Health Therapist:

Laurine Quewezance

Water Quality Technicians:

Lyle Mahingen

Lon Pelletier

Shannon Brass

Resolution Health Support Workers:

Ross Cadotte

Iris Acoose

Aubry Quewezance

RHSW Administrative Assistant:

Jessica Chopping

Addictions Worker:

Melanie Knutson

AHSOR/DC Coordinator:

Yvonne Rusnak

Community Dietitian:

Danielle Switzer

Chronic Disease Dietitian:

Kally Sawka

Health Team Support Worker:

Greta Alexson

Youth Outreach Worker:

Delia Delorme

FASD/Maternal Child Health:

Linda Matlo

Diabetes Nurse Educator:

Norah Wasacase